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I am a private pilot and my home base is LOIR (Flugplatz Reutte) where we use a Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station.

The collected data from this weather station is evaluated by “Weather Display” which is a great piece of software written by Brian Hamilton.

The flash based web front end for "Weather Display" is WDL (weather display live), but since flash player is not supported on Apple IOS, you are not able to see the WDL data on your iPhone or iPad.

Their is another possibility to get this data on your Apple device. iWDL from Sietse which simulates an IPhone, on the internet site, where it is implemented. iWDL looks great and works well, but you have to rely on the station owner to have this software installed.

So finally decided to write a true Iphone application called iWDLive.

IWDLive shows detailed weather information from selected weather station on your iPhone.

Have a look at for some worldwide weather stations available.


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iWDLive 1.34

is now available on the App Store.

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